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Small World Update: Camp Dudley Hat Spotted in West Africa!

• 9 years ago • Alumni

web-kelly-daleKiniya alum #21883 Kelly Dale posted this incredible update late last night from West Africa. Kelly is currently working out of Bodi, Benin with the Peace Corps and spotted something very familiar on a taxi drivers hat… our very own Dudley logo!

I seriously freaked out when I saw it then had to spend like 10 minutes explaining what a summer camp was. Basically he is a moto taxi driver in my village who claims to have bought the hat at the market in the next village which has a pretty sizable area for worn and donated western style clothes. My guess is a kind dudley alum donated to salvation army and over the years it traveled thousands of miles to a remote part of Benin!

Thanks for sharing, Kelly. We look forward to having you back in the States soon!

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