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January 2014 BOM Meeting Notes

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January 2014

At the generous invitation of Board member Scott Martin, the 2014 Camp Dudley Board of Managers held its first meeting of the year at The Camp Fire Club of America in Chappaqua, New York. This fireside meeting was the first for new Board members, Mike Bransford, Jack Kotz, Mark Valkenburgh and Kathy Wiseman, and incoming CDA Vice President, David Ready, who quickly distinguished themselves through their thoughtful input. It was also Matt Quigley’s first meeting as Chairman of the Board, and it could not have run smoother thanks to his efficient guidance. Matt kicked off the meeting with a retrospective on Dudley’s history in the early 1900s, noting the 1909 dedication of the Dudley chapel at the location where it exists today; the 1913 construction of the Avery Boathouse for a whopping $3,100; the 1915 fire that destroyed the original camp lodge, immediately rebuilt through alumni donations; and Chief Beckman’s prescient statement at the 1913 final banquet: “It is not the programs and buildings alone that make Camp Dudley successful, it is the spirit and traditions that make Dudley what it is.”

Marnie and Matt announced two new members of the year-round staff team (both Dudleyites!): Mollie Farnham, who will serve as Outdoor Program Director at Kiniya and previously served on the summer staff at Dudley; and Josh Olcott , who will be the new Food Service Director at Dudley, and who previously attended Dudley as a camper. The Directors announced two very full camps for the 2014 season, both with waiting lists, and oversubscriptions for Leadership posts. Marnie and Matt shared their goals for the upcoming year, which include: ensuring the top priority of health and safety of all members of the Dudley/Kiniya camp communities; building Dudley’s/Kiniya’s donor base and otherwise continuing the strong work in financial stewardship; defining the role Diversity and inclusion play at Camp Dudley and Kiniya; communicating with transparency at all levels within the Dudley/Kiniya family; completing and disseminating the Strategic Plan “2020 Vision” in partnership with the Board; successfully launching the expanded Kiniya Outdoor Program; investigating possible international programs in addition to the German Exchange program; establishing a sustainability action plan for both camps; and having fun, living the motto, and encouraging others to do the same.

The Board adopted a resolution to create a Scholarship Reserve Account for Camp Dudley and Camp Dudley at Kiniya to be funded through annual budget funds and budget surplus funds (when occurring). This will enable Dudley/Kiniya to meet scholarship obligations at any time during the annual giving year, serving much like the depreciation reserve fund, which is available for unanticipated plant and property upgrades or repairs. The long term goal is to have this account funded to a level equal to the average of the prior three years of Scholarship Awards, permitting Marnie and Matt to award Scholarships based on monies already in the Account, rather than in anticipation of the upcoming year’s Annual Giving Campaign (i.e., for the William J. Schmidt Scholarship Fund). Marnie and Matt also provided the Board with a detailed overview of the scholarship program, including the philosophy, criteria, process and funding of annual Scholarship awards. Development Director Dave Langston reported that pledges and donations towards the Scholarship program are over $140,000 ahead of last year. And the Development Committee shared its goals of: reaching out to 100% of “lost” Dudley/Kiniya alumni and reconnecting them with the Dudley-Kiniya community; increasing the number of alumni donors; increasing the Beckman Society (planned giving) membership; and developing a new structure for alumni connections in states, cities and towns to enhance development, recruitment and Scholarship.

The Board also discussed the status of the formation of the new Camp Dudley Foundation, which will manage and protect Dudley’s/Kiniya’s endowment funds; the Kiniya master site plan, which will identify major capital projects and renovation objectives on campus, and will be ready for Board review at its May 2014 meeting; and next steps with the 2020 Vision strategic plan, which will be outlined for the Board in May, produced in a draft plan for Board review in August, and finalized for Board approval in November.

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