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Marcus Chioffi, #13820

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marcus-headshot-webMarcus F. Chioffi, #13820
Greenwich, CT

Marcus has taught middle school history at Brunswick School, an all boys Pre-K to 12 day school, in Greenwich, CT since 2000.  In addition to his academic duties, he also coaches varsity football, as well as middle school hockey and lacrosse.  He enjoys the challenges and rewards of teaching and coaching in an environment that so closely resembles Camp Dudley.  Marcus met his wife, #16964 Joanie Chioffi at Camp in 1996 and the couple currently live in Greenwich, CT with their two children, Jack (7) and Caroline (2).

Marcus first came to Camp in 1985 as a plebe and has never missed more than two consecutive summers.  Marcus first heard about camp through long time family friend, Tink Bolster, and has been on campus for 23 of the 30 summers since.  Under the last four Dudley directors, he held positions in all ranks of leadership, including, Junior Division Head in 1996. He has also worked in Westport as a member of the maintenance, boathouse and A-Hut staffs.

As a couple, Marcus and Joanie worked under both Wheaton and Andy, for much of the late 90s and early 2000s.  In 2006, Joanie was asked to integrate and implement Dudley values and traditions into the newly formed Camp Dudley at Kiniya.  Through the mission and motto, Joanie began to implement Dudley into the leadership, spiritual and athletic programs to provide a comparable experience for the young women of Dudley.  Marcus joined Joanie in the summer of 2007, as the program director and the couple worked alongside Marnie to lay the transformative foundation which has been so wonderfully fostered and added to by so many over the past eight summers.

More recently, in addition to working in varying capacities in the A-Hut for the second half of the past three summers, he has been thrilled to work with Matt and Marnie as the CDA Vice President under CDA President Jay Wells and looks forward to working with the current Vice President, David Ready.

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