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Dudley & Kiniya

Mike Bransford, #13033

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BransfordMike Bransford #13033
Minneapolis, MN

Mike arrived at Dudley in 1981 during the Willie era.  Growing up, Mike had heard countless Dudley stories but was eager to make sense of it himself.  It all came together when Mike’s Cub leader, Doug “the Bug Man” Schmidt, decided to parachute (unannounced) into main campus on July 4th.  In Mike’s words, “It’s tough for a 10-year old to pin down the Dudley experience, but the impact is real.  Dudley offers an amazing combination of experiences at precisely the right age – exposure to new activities and perspectives, heartfelt support and encouragement, hilarious spontaneity, gratitude, rock-solid friendship, and appreciation for the value in putting the other fellow first.”

Says Mike, “Dudley has been a bedrock in our family since my dad (Roger Bransford, #8982) stepped foot on campus in 1955.  My dad grew up down the street from best pal, John Storey (#8804), in Chatham NJ, who introduced him to Dudley.”  Roger relished all things Dudley and remained a fixture at camp throughout his life, serving as camper, leader, fabled painter of red rock, former Board Chairman, and CDA Man of the Year in 1997, the year he passed away.  Mike shared memorable camper years (1981-1984) with his brothers, Jeff (#12743) and Steve (#13623).  Mike and his wife, Gretchen, have three children:  Henry (#22033), Rose (#22733), and William (#TBA), who are hard at work on their own camp stories.

Mike grew up in Atlanta, and graduated from Cornell University and Columbia Business School.  Mike’s career in finance has included market-making on Chicago and London derivative exchanges, investment banking in New York and London, and portfolio/risk management in Minneapolis, MN.  The family settled in Minneapolis in 2007, where Mike currently works as Vice President of Capital Markets and Risk Management for Ameriprise Financial.  Says Mike, “I am honored to serve on the Dudley Board and hope to provide useful perspective as both Dudley and Kiniya parent.”

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