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Mark Valkenburgh, #15133

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ValkyMark Valkenburgh #15133 — “Valky”
Cambridge, MA

As a camper, leader and assistant division head during the summers of 1990-2001, Mark became intimately familiar with Camp Dudley, and he carries many of the fond and nostalgic memories that most alums do. Mark was connected to Dudley through a friendship with the Perry family of Wilton, CT and through his grandfather, Frank Hutchins, who treasured the Adirondacks and lived by Dudley values in every way.

Today, Mark’s enthusiasm for camp is stronger than ever: “There is no institution, no mission, no community that I hold more sacred, and in today’s fast-paced, individualistic culture, there is no motto more important than “The Other Fellow First.” He anticipates bringing his industry experience, constructive perspective, and energy to his role on the Board of Managers.

Mark and his wife, Emily, live in Cambridge, MA. Mark works for Google, Inc. as an Account Executive focused on digital media. Since joining Google he has served on a healthcare-focused team, helping clients with ongoing digital marketing efforts, and rethinking healthcare delivery and discovery via web-based platforms.  Mark is passionate about supporting innovation through technology and efficiently connecting patients to the quality care they need. Mark previously worked in healthcare consulting and later served as a Product Manager for  Johnson & Johnson.

Mark brings his love of camp, an empathy for the pressures on college-age leaders, a deep belief in Dudley tradition coupled with a material understanding of the need for change and evolution. He also possesses an inherent bent toward diversity and inclusion, and an interest in bringing Dudley out into the world. Mark looks forward to the opportunity to become more involved in the mission of enriching young peoples’ lives and and supporting the Dudley-Kiniya foundational pillars of service, character, leadership, compassion and integrity.

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