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Kathy Wiseman, #23372

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wisemanKathy Wiseman #23372
Williamstown, MA

Kathy became acquainted with Camp Kiniya and Dudley through her daughter Abby (#21772) and other Williamstown, Massachusetts families. Kathy has seen firsthand how camp’s leadership development program has positively impacted Abby’s skills and is ready to embrace the opportunity to be a part of Dudley’s organizational structure.

Professionally, Kathy works as a Pediatrician in North Adams, MA.  Her interest in health care and the well being of children has a long history.  In college, as a participant in the Big Brother/Big Sister program, in post-college work in Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer, Kathy gained invaluable experience in the emotional and physical aspects of developing immunization, HIV prevention, and general preventive health care programs.

In her community, Kathy continues to educate younger children (booster seat use, healthy diet and exercise) and teens (adequate sleep, knee injury prevention, concussion management). She also serves as one of the school physicians for the local elementary, middle and high schools, and is on the board of Berkshire Nursing Families as a medical advisor.

 As a member of the Dudley Board of Managers, Kathy is interested in providing input on health services (both preventive and treatment based), ensuring that emergency action plans are in place, supporting programs that foster individual skills as well as teamwork, and reviewing structural facilities and how they affect health, safety and programming.  Kathy sums it up with these words:  “The camp has been a wonderful experience for Abby, and I would enjoy the opportunity to help assure that such an experience is available for other campers in the years to come.”

Kathy and Abby live in Williamstown, MA, with husband Rich and son Matt.

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