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2014 Summer Job Openings

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Outdoor Education Jobs
Camp Kiniya, Colchester VT
Summer 2014

Challenge Course Focus Position: Seeking an individual with background and/or interest in challenge course (ropes course) facilitation to run groups on both low and high elements. Safety comes first, fun and laughter second. Must foster a supportive environment where youth are invited to step out of their comfort zone and try new things. This position will assist trips and logistics, with the opportunity to go on multi-day trips if needed. Must learn and uphold Camp Kiniya operating procedures, as well as High 5 challenge course safety and maintenance protocols. Knowledge of climbing equipment and hardware as well as challenge course safety a plus.

Tripping Focus Position: Seeking individual to help with all logistics supporting wilderness trips from 1 to 3 days in length. Trips include backpacking, day hiking, canoe/kayaking, and rock climbing. This position’s tasks include; gear organization, recovery, cleaning and maintenance; food ordering and packing; and route briefings and pre-trip demonstrations on backcountry travel and leave-no-trace practices. Help facilitating special activities including night hikes, camp-fire cooking suppers, and other camping activities as needed. Opportunity to go on trips and assist camper Leaders. Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certification a plus.

Rock Climbing Focus Position: Seeking an individual with experience in rock climbing with a desire to teach beginners. Ability to teach basics of climbing form, partner communication, belaying, rappelling and all things safety to learner competency. Interest in empowering girls in climbing, to help build uplifting and supportive group culture, inspire a high standard of skill competency and celebration of independent accomplishments. Climbing wall on-site, with possibility of off-site overnight trips to scouted and approved sites. Knowledge of top-rope set up desired, with willingness to learn and adhere to Camp Kiniya operating procedures. Training and Wilderness First Responder certification a plus.

Farm-to-Plate Gardening Position: Seeking individual who has experience with organic vegetable and flower gardening. Must enjoy sharing knowledge and love of gardening with youth! To manage and maintain the camp garden will be the primary role of this position, however, it also requires creating activities for youth to participate in the garden in meaningful, educative, and fun ways. Simple lessons and tasks with room for exploration towards inspiring youth to learn about good food. This includes preparing for small and healthy cooking projects (snacks, small dishes) using what is coming from the garden. Knowledge of organic gardening, permaculture principles and practices a plus!

Camp Craft and Ecology Position:  Seeking an individual with passion to teach local place-based ecology, including study and play around Lamoille River and Lake Champlain environments. Would be responsible for working with visiting speakers, and planning meaningful follow-up activities. Creation of fun active games that highlight local food-web relationships and ecological balances, as well as plant/tree ID, including wild edibles, poisonous things to avoid, and the interrelationships of plants/trees/animals, primitive skills fun (shelter building, fiber tree/plant rope, fire-starting/extinguishing (LNT), friction fire, animal signs and tracking, etc.). Integration of arts and play strongly encouraged, with a child-focused emphasis such that it feels more like play than school. Experiential education background a plus!

Interested in apply for any of the above?

Please contact Mollie Farnham, Outdoor Education Director




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