Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

New Faces Join the Year Round Team

• 9 years ago • Announcements

Matt and Marnie recently announced the addition of two new team members that will add significant strength to the operations of their Camps. Welcome aboard!

Mollie Farnham, #22406, Outdoor Education Director at Kiniya & Clinical Social Workermollie-wp

Mollie joins the Camp Kiniya year-round staff as Outdoor Education Director and Clinical Social Worker fresh from graduate school in New Hampshire. A clinically trained social worker, specializing in adventure therapy, Mollie brings these skills to both Dudley and Kiniya. Mollie first visited Camp Dudley in the late 1990’s, introduced by her now-fiance. After 10+ years of significant adventures working for other summer camps and experiential/ecological education schools in Colorado and Upstate New York, wilderness therapy programs in Alaska and Ontario, Canada, she was invited to work at Camp Dudley in the outdoors programming department in 2011. Mollie helped with the development of the 10-day Aides experience while working at Camp in 2012. Mollie is excited to now build up programming in all things outdoors at Camp Kiniya! She is passionate about mentoring girls and young women to find comfort and confidence in their engagement with the natural world.


Josh Olcott #14962, Camp Dudley Food Service Directorjosh-WP

Born and raised in Elizabethtown NY, moved to Albany in 2001 with his wife Jenny Olcott. Josh has served as the general manager of Bountiful Bread, and Director of Operations for White Management for the past seven years. Josh attended SCCC for culinary arts and restaurant management. Josh has two children Emma, 6 and Kaya, 3 who are very excited to be part of Camp Dudley. Josh attended camp from ’89 to ’93 plebe through his Aide year.  “I have been a part of Dudley for as long as I can remember. Years back, my Grandfather & Grandmother Olcott were close to Doug and Yvonne Sears. My grandfather and Doug were hunting buddies. Camp Dudley has been a huge part of my life as well as my father, #10296 Rick Olcott, my uncle #10691 David, brother #17113 Jared, and sister Joy #17535. I am incredibly proud to join the team.”

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