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November 2013 BOM Notes

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The November 2013 meeting of the Camp Dudley Board of Managers marked the final meeting for a stalwart Board class, including outgoing Chairman Dwight Poler, concluding his second term on the Board that spanned eight years, five-year terms for Jane Lee, Ben Nelson and Dick Wallace, and a four-year term for Jay Wells, outgoing President of the CDA. This memorable send-off occurred in a unique location – the TDI Garden in Boston, MA, home of the Bruins and Celtics – at the invitation of Board Member, Lou Jacobs. Lou treated the Dudley-Kiniya Staff and Board to a Bruins hockey game in the owners suite, and an insiders’ tour of the arena, including the Bruins locker room. And to cap off the visit, halfway through the hockey game, there was a knock on the suite door followed by the World Series trophy the Boston Red Sox had won the previous night. What a treat!

The Board elected four new Board members – Mike Bransford, Jack Kotz, Mark Valkenburgh and Kathy Wiseman – to begin five-year Board terms in January. The meeting also celebrated Marnie McDonagh’s 20th Anniversery of service to Camp Kiniya. The Board adopted a resolution marking this milestone, which read in part: Dedicated Director, you have worked to provide a summer program that is transformational, and simply unforgettable, for thousands of girls and young women…. Generous in spirit, you personify, in every way, the Camp’s motto, The Other Fellow First.

Marnie, Matt and team reported on the progress of a very successful Dudley-Kiniya open-house annual tour, with “record participation” at every stop so far. Their update highlighted two significant upgrades on the Colchester and Westport campuses: the refurbishment of Loft Cabin, which will allow Kiniya to grow by six campers; and progress on the Middlebury Pavilion at Dudley, a new arts and performance structure on main campus conceived and funded by a generous group of Dudley/Middlebury College alumni and friends. Both structures, among a list of additional campus upgrades, will be ready for the 2014 camp season.

The Board also discussed progress on the 2020 Vision strategic planning process underway, reviewing results to date from a survey of Dudley-Kiniya family members over the prior months. The survey will provide important feedback for the final strategic plan that will be formulated and shared with the Dudley-Kiniya family in 2014. One survey narrative came from an alumnus who recalled returning for his JL year as a 16 year-old Dudleyite late in World War II. Chief Beckman asked him and several other JLs to step up to serve as Leaders, reporting that several Leaders were not returning for the summer as they were serving overseas and that a few Leaders had made the ultimate sacrifice for their Country. The courage all these Dudley men had shown in their wartime service inspired these JLs to become the best Leaders they could be that summer.

The Board discussed the decision to eliminate the Equestrian Program at Kiniya, a decision that culminated a 12-month review by the Board’s Program Committee and Kiniya’s staff and included an extensive survey of Kiniya families. Of the dozens of written responses from Kiniya families to outreach from Marnie, there was overwhelming understanding and support for the decision. The riding space at Kiniya will be rededicated to an Outdoor Program center, including an outdoor Challenge Course generously donated by the family of a Kiniya alumnae.

The Board approved the Fiscal Year 2014 budget for Dudley-Kiniya, which reflected another strong balance sheet from the prior fiscal year and emphasized continued progress toward growing the depreciation reserve fund, heavily utilized to rebuild the shorelines at Dudley and Kiniya compromised during the record rain and snow melt in the Spring of 2011. The Board also adopted a resolution to shift the October 1-September 30 Fiscal Year to a calendar year Fiscal Year, beginning January 2, 2015. The Dudley-Kiniya endowment stood at $8,538,860 as of September 30, up from $8,395,051 as of June 30. And on the Development front, the 2013 Auction yielded nearly $70,000 for the William J. Schmidt Scholarship Fund.

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