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Fall 2013 Camp Dudley News Letter from Matt

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matt head shotDear Friends,

Recently, a wonderful letter arrived from a “Dudley Mom” thanking us for the impact the summer had on her son. It reads:

“Dudley has provided my son the most wonderful and life-changing experiences. I know that Dudley will forever be a part of his life and has already had a significant impact on his life. I also know that these experiences will have even greater impact on his life in the future. I don’t know how Dudley does this but there is magic up there on the shores of the lake. Our family is deeply thankful for all Dudley has done.”

Her son has begun his leadership training and has just started to share what he has learned with younger boys who now look up to him. He has already gained much from camp, but what he learned here as an Aide gives him the foundation to build his character into adulthood. Dudley is good for our boys today, but as important, it is good for our boys in the future.

Matt with Jack Mingle

Matt with Jack Mingle

This summer was another “best-ever.” Like all summers, it also had some major challenges. One was our decision to take more control over what we eat by bringing our food service in-house. In short, we had to start from scratch in all areas from menus to employees to quantities. We learned a good deal along the way and are very pleased to be where we are now. Amazingly, when our good friend and former food service manager, #13081 Jack Mingle, (1981-89) heard of our decision, he offered his hand in help. Jack wanted to make sure we “did it right” and came as a volunteer to the kitchen most days throughout the summer. Thanks, Jack. It was wonderful having your support.

This fall, Marnie and I are revisiting our strategic plan with the Board that will guide us as we continue our good work for the next generation of Dudleyites. As a part of that process, we are surveying the Dudley Family, one of our greatest assets. We appreciate your insights on what makes Dudley unique. The results of this effort have already been amazing, and we look forward to sharing them with you. One thing that stands out . . . we are all proud of our affiliation with Camp, proud of our Camp Number, and of “the Dudley Brand.”

Thank you for your support today, and into the future.



#13804 Matt Storey, Director

PS: The place to add your voice to the strategic plan is here.


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