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Dudley & Kiniya

May 10, 2013 Board Meeting Notes

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May 2013 Meeting

On May 10-11, the Dudley/Kiniya Board and year-round staff met for a two-day retreat in Westport, to launch a new strategic planning process, and to hold the regular quarterly Board meeting.  The new strategic plan launches under a 2020 Vision that Marnie and Matt established of “Developing the Whole Person.”  The Board’s strategic planning work has occurred roughly every four years over the last two decades, with the common challenge of taking what is really great at Camp Dudley/Kiniya and making it even greater.  The current effort is continuing that tradition, albeit with a shift in emphasis.  Instead of first establishing specific strategic objectives and action steps for implementing them, the Board and staff are first exploring the make-up of “a Dudley person” – i.e.,  someone who embodies Dudley values; practices the Other Fellow First; is developing his/her own moral, spiritual, physical and leadership foundations to be most capable of giving to others; is dedicated to leadership and service, and to the success of others; is confident, content, and living a well balanced and healthy lifestyle.  The process will start from this image of a Dudley person and work backwards to evaluate Dudley’s motto, mission, core values and program and the resources behind them making adjustments, as necessary, to ensure we are developing the whole person in that image at Dudley/Kiniya.  The Board will create two subcommittees, one to develop a survey to circulate to the Dudley/Kiniya family at the end of the summer that will inform the strategic plan to be developed by a second subcommittee for submission to the Board in November and thereafter finalized and available to the Dudley family.

At its quarterly meeting the next day, Marnie and Matt shared plans and preparations for the upcoming season.  They reported that camper retention remains very strong on both campuses (83% at Dudley and 85% at Kiniya, against a 75% goal for 2013); 223 families with siblings will be attending both camps this summer; requests for scholarships continue to grow.  The Board and staff also agreed to move forward with: determining a design and location for a new ropes course at Kiniya; evaluating where there may be new opportunities for reconnecting with Dudley alumni and attracting new participants in annual giving; and moving ahead with the legal work required to establish a new 501(c)(3) Foundation to oversee and manage Camp Dudley/Kiniya endowment assets.

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