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February 1, 2013 Board Meeting Notes

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February 2013 Meeting

On February 1, the Camp Dudley/Kiniya Board and staff met at the Cornell Club in New York City and welcomed new Camp Dudley staff members – Evan George, Admissions and Program Director, and Dave Langston, Director of Development – along with new Board members – Donna Granfors (#23222), Lou Jacobs (#23033), Whitney Phelps (#22846), and Matt Quigley (#10643).  Marnie and Matt shared key goals for 2013, including: ensuring recruiting and retention remain a top priority; expanding the donor base to realize fundraising objectives; supporting high quality programs through financial stewardship; promoting healthy, well-balanced lifestyles year-round among members of the camp communities; having fun while living the motto and encouraging others to do the same; challenging and supporting each other in all aspects of running Dudley/Kiniya; working with the Board to create a diversity statement and long-term goals and plan; strengthening communication and transparency at all levels within the Dudley/Kiniya community; launching a strategic planning process; and creating a sustainability statement and action plan for both campuses.  Regarding the latter goal, Outdoor Director Scott Steen led a day-long staff meeting on sustainability, which devised the following mission statement:

At Camp Dudley and Kiniya, we are committed to creating a culture of sustainability through education programming, healthy living, environmental stewardship, and responsible business practices in our campuses and communities.

The Finance Committee reported that the Camp Dudley/Kiniya endowment is just shy of $8 million, with an asset mix of 61% equities, 34% fixed income and 4.5% commodities.  The Development Committee reported an increase in the number of gifts and total number of donors versus 2012, although a slight decrease in the average gift, attributable in part to a substantial estate gift given last year. Both camps are full for the coming season.

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