Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

August 23, 2013 Board Meeting Notes

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On August 23, the Board gathered at Camp Dudley at Kiniya to hear reports from Marnie and Matt and staff about another “best ever” summer for the girls and boys on both campuses.  They celebrated the commitment and strength of their year-round and summer Leadership teams, who ensured the campers were safe and happy – THE number one priority – and fully immersed in the Dudley/Kiniya spirit and motto, “The Other Fellow First.”  The Leadership program featured new and enhanced pre-season training and performance feedback, and an emphasis on “raising the bar” through focus, responsibility and dedication to the campers.  Among the program highlights at Dudley were specialty basketball and lacrosse clinics featuring NBA Coach and Hall of Famer Mike Dunleavy and Monmouth University lacrosse coach, Billy McCutcheon, and at Kiniya, an inspiring line-up of chapel speakers that included former Kiniya Program Director Joanie Chioffi, Board member Anna Carter-Florence, and Development Director Dave Langston in the spectacularly-refurbished Lois Schmidt Memorial Chapel.  The Board toured newly-renovated Kiniya facilities, including cabins in Junior Village, the Senior bath house, the office and leadership center and the Senior beach swimming area.

Matt reported that in response to the unwelcome appearance of the Nora virus at the end of the season at Camp Dudley, the entire Dudley community rallied to support those infected, prevent the virus from spreading, communicate with loved ones of those infected, and ensure the special celebration and reflection that mark the final days of the camp summer continued interrupted.  Special thanks go to the Dudley health and facilities staff for their extraordinary efforts on behalf of the campus family!

The Board voted to launch the new Camp Dudley Foundation, Inc., which will be a New York not-for-profit corporation obtaining its own 501(c)(3) status from the IRS. The new corporation will own and manage Camp’s endowment and help insulate it from potential claims arising from activities at either Camp Dudley or Kiniya.   The remainder of Dudley and Kiniya financial and property assets will continue to be managed by the Camp Dudley/Kiniya Board.  The Foundation will be managed by a seven-member Board, which will include the Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary of the Camp Dudley/Kiniya Board, and four independent Foundation Board members, who would be elected by the Camp Dudley/Kiniya Board.  The Foundation Board would have control of the day-to-day activities of the Foundation, which would include making investment management decisions with respect to the funds held by the Foundation for the benefit of the Camp.  The Foundation Board will continue to receive investment advice and input from the ad hoc Investment Committee, which currently renders such advice, including investment management recommendations, to the Camp Dudley/Kiniya Board.  The Camp Dudley/Kiniya would continue to manage and oversee its two-camp operation as it does now.  Future contributions to the new Foundation will be tax-deductible once the Foundation obtains its 501(c)(3) status.  While the Foundation’s application with the IRS is pending, CD/K could continue to receive tax-deductible contributions as it does now.  The Finance Committee reported that the endowment has grown from $8 million at the beginning of the year to $8.63 million.

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