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Dudley & Kiniya

The Outdoor Department at Dudley

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All is well in the Outdoor Department at Camp Dudley.  While many of the hikes have returned from the Adirondacks with wet tents and muddy boots, the ample north-country rain has not damped our spirits. Currently on this Tuesday morning in July, the 2 Dudley/NOLS trips are deep in the Wyoming wilderness.  We have 14 trips from the Junior Division hiking, paddling and canoeing in the Adirondacks. On campus, the climbing wall is crawling with Plebes and a cub cabin is at the Ropes Course. Tonight, senior cabins Columbia and Colgate will embark on their Senior Night Experience, while several others will be eating delicious and locally raised burgers on their Cabin Overnights and Suppers at Stacy Brook and Cutler Point. On nights like this, when almost half of Camp Dudley is off playing in the woods, main campus feels both empty and calm. This is a welcome break in the weekly cycle of Camp when we can re-energize ourselves and gear up for the Wednesday Night Show and all-Camp programming that gives a different feel to the second half of the week. Wish us sunshine and happy trails.

More soon- Scott Steen


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