Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

The Waterfront at Kiniya

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The first session at the waterfront is off to a tremendous start!  The water level is a lot higher than last year, which has allowed campers and staff to indulge in quite a few dips.  Sailing, paddling and aquatics have all been enthusiastically attended as majors, and campers try to remain down at the beach up until the last second trying out new skills they have acquired over the course of the week. Aside from majors, the waterfront has hosted a Pirate Treasure Hunt as the new Sunday Game with cabin Coyne finding the loot, which was a great highlight to end off the previous week.  The Paddle-boards were put to good use this past Friday for an overnight trip up the Lamoille River, and a great deal of fun was had by both campers and the trip leaders.  The packs were all thrown in a canoe, in case any visions of campers struggling with a loaded pack, a PFD, a paddle, a water bottle and a board may be running through your minds.  Overall a good program and some VERY happy campers!

-Nick Ansell, Program Director


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