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The Dudley Program Underway

• 10 years ago • Dudley Blog

Main Campus and our playing fields have been dampened by the rain, but our spirits haven’t. All four pillars of the Dudley Program – the Arts, Athletics, the Outdoors, and Spirituality – are in full swing.

The Arts:arts-blog

Arts Majors in our theater and arts & crafts programs are up and running and we’ve had two top-notch shows in Witherbee Hall. The Wednesday Night Show was a great mix of Camper and Leader acts and included the first installment of Leaders’ Serial. On Saturday, we had our first dramatic production, “A Separate Peace,” directed by the talented Diana McGuigan-George. It received rave reviews.


Divisional Teams have been assembled and the action has been spirited. The boys are playing hard, but always keeping the Dudley spirit at the heart of even the closest contests.

The Outdoors:Outdoors

The Seniors left for their Adirondack Wilderness trips on Monday and we’ll be picking them at locations around the Park tomorrow. Last Sunday, the Aides wrapped up the Aides Experience Program, which included a lot of leadership development, outdoor skills development, and rain. We’re happy to have them back though and we’re looking forward to having the Seniors back on campus tomorrow.


Sunday ended our first week. Rev. Bob Langston spoke to the boys on Sunday morning and we finished up the day with the first Hymn Sing of the summer. Needless to say, it was an inspirational and beautiful day that included the 129th playing of the Garbage Bowl. The Young Guys team won, but it was close.

So that’s it! We’re already in the second week and looking forward to more shows, chapels, vespers, games, hymn sings, and just plain fun.

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