Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

#23222 Donna Granfors

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Before she became a “Dudley wife,” Donna visited camp while dating Roger (aka “Bear” #11202).  They returned frequently as a couple, then as a family when their children, Courtney #20222 and Nicholas #19002, attended Kiniya and Dudley.

Donna’s 25+ year career with General Electric has given her expertise in diverse areas, including Consumer Finance, Commercial Finance, and Corporate Citizenship and Volunteerism. She has worked as the GE Women’s Network Large Event Coordinator as well as an FMP Instructor/Grader. Donna has also served as a manager, teacher, and treasurer for both non-profit and community organizations in Easton, CT.

Donna feels closely aligned with Kiniya due to her daughter’s seven years there, yet is equally connected to Dudley through her husband, son, and years of CDA reunions.  Donna welcomes the opportunity to use her “Camp Mom/Wife,” professional and non-profit experience to support Camp Dudley and Camp Dudley at Kiniya.

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