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#22832 Dr.Tony Hawes

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tony prof photo 2008 in jpeg - Copy#22832 Dr. Tony Hawes

As a family physician and father of two campers (Joe #21732 and Matt #21605), Tony Hawes #22832 is eager to contribute to Dudley and Kiniya. He believes that his skills can be used to ensure the camp community’s overall health and safety.

Tony is an Assistant Professor with the Department of Family and Community Medicine, at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. He currently practices at the Residency program located at Capital Health Family Medicine at Trenton in Trenton, New Jersey.  He attended The Ohio State University College of Medicine in Columbus, Ohio and completed his residency at the University of South Carolina, Richland Memorial Hospital in Columbia, South Carolina as well as a fellowship in Academics and Obstetrics at The University of Rochester, Highland Hospital in Rochester, New York.  Throughout his career, he has held academic positions and has served on a variety of hospital committees. Tony also is a member of numerous professional and community organizations, including national and state grant review panels.  He is the recipient of scholarly awards, Serves as the Chairman of the Department of Family Medicine at Capital Health in Trenton, New Jersey, acts as the director of the Women’s Health, Family Medicine Residency Program at Capital Health, and maintains industry-related work.

Personally, Tony has enjoyed hearing about his sons’ camping experiences, and hopes that his service will help “develop a shared appreciation of the camp with my sons at a deeper level.”

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