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Recently, an Alum asked why he should give to the Annual Fund. He explained that he went to Camp, worked at Camp and loves Camp, but didn’t really understand what impact he could have. After explaining a variety of reasons as to how supporting the William J. Schmidt Scholarship Fund assures that a young boy or girl benefits from a meaningful Dudley experience; the real answer came to me a few weeks later, while in the archives, when I happened upon a copy of Sumner F. Dudley’s eulogy. In March, 1897, at the age of 43, Sumner died. So powerful were those first 12 years at Camp, and so meaningful was this man’s vision, that no fitter tribute could have been paid than to have Mr. Dudley’s first camper, #1 George Peck, perform the eulogy. It was in Peck’s words, describing Dudley, where I found my answer:

“I wish I could give an adequate expression of my deep love and high admiration for my personal friend, Sumner F. Dudley. He knew no limit in doing for others and literally impoverished himself for those in whom he was interested. Times without number I have known him after a strenuously busy day to travel a good part of the night to some distant point to render assistance to some young friend who needed his council or advice. I can say with much depth of feeling that he was the most self-sacrificing man I have ever known. And that man and his life are responsible for Camp Dudley as we know it today, and the spirit that characterized his life is what we know as the Dudley spirit, a spirit that has helped hundreds of boys and young men through all these years of Camp Dudley history.”

Last summer, the Leaders and Staff of Dudley and Kiniya came together and decided that they ALL wanted to be part of investing in Dudley’s future. Thanks to their tremendous efforts, over $18,500 was raised and 100% of the Leaders and Staff gave! Thanks to a matching gift, AN ENTIRE CABIN OF CAMPERS IS HERE THIS SUMMER THANKS TO THE LEADERS AND STAFF.

Please consider joining other Alumni and Parents in MATCHING the Leaders and Staff Members gift. You can match to a certain amount, match dollar for dollar or put a challenge match out – a match if we meet or exceed last years amount, for example. PLEASE CONTACT RYAN JOYCE WITH MORE QUESTIONS – 518 962 4720 OR RYAN@campdudley.org

With many thanks for all you do for camp.

C. Ryan Joyce #15093
Director of Development

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