Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

Another great evening in Washington D.C.

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Our DC Area Alumni gathered this past Friday night at PJ Clarke’s.  What a great night with all of you and great to see so many familiar faces and a few of you rejoining the mix for the first time in a little bit.  This was our 2nd annual event and one we’ll keep in the rotation for many years to come!  As alumni and Dudley Dad, #10356 Jay Anderson, put it to Ryan, “it was a good event last night; thanks for being persistent and having a return to DC.   Being from NYC and Southern CT, and having moved down here to the South, it is reassuring to have a strong Dudley presence in DC – making it part of the fold and not an outpost!” For more pictures click here!


PJ Clarke's ready for our Dudley Alums to arrive.


#18070 David Nelson and #10571 Bill Sbarra. David's father #8070 Ben Nelson was Bill's Leader in the late 1960's.


Board Members, Alumni and current Leaders and Staff catching up on all things Dudley.


#18754 Connor Smith, #15337 Jon Staley and wife, Kay, #16200 George "Smoothie" Matthews.



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