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We have RN’s available in the Infirmary on a rotating basis.  We have an M.D. available on campus by beeper and by cell phone whenever needed.  The doctors rotate on a weekly basis and are usually Camp Dudley alumni.

The Infirmary has open office hours, “sick call,” after every breakfast and before bedtime each night, when the M.D. is scheduled to be in the Infirmary.  During this time, we often see coughs, sore throats, skin infections, minor bumps and bruises, ear pains or headaches; things that don’t normally take a child out of an activity, but need to be addressed at a convenient time.

If a child needs antibiotics, we will attempt to reach the parent, but it is not always possible.  We try to approach medical care with the most non-invasive route possible, keeping the individual’s needs always in the forefront.  Sometimes, it is necessary to have labwork done or an x-ray, and most of our physicians feel that it is best to have the results before we call the parents so that the least amount of distress is caused. (eg. Ankle injuries are very common occurrence in this age population.)

Sometimes, it is necessary for a camper to spend time in the Infirmary.  If it is for something minor, we may not call you.  If it is for a time exceeding 24 hours, we will attempt to call you.  We have 11 beds in the Infirmary along with an isolation room as required by the NYS Health Department.

In an effort to keep campers as independent as possible, we have first aid items on the Infirmary porch for minor wounds and ice for minor injuries.  An R.N. is available 24 hours a day for all camper/staff health concerns.  The only time she may be out of the Infirmary is at meal times, or distributing medications.


All medications must be kept in the Infirmary at all times except when being distributed at mealtimes.  All medications (whether over-the-counter or prescribed by a health care provider) must be signed in with the Infirmary staff upon arrival.  If you are not accompanying your son to Camp, a letter with the specific orders for your child needs to be very carefully addressed to the Infirmary staff along with the medications.  We also must dispense medications from an original properly marked bottle for that person.  We ask that you send two bottles of each medication to Camp; one may be empty so that when campers are away on an out-of-camp experience, we can conform to the state regulation but still not send out the entire prescription.  We send out only the amount that will be needed for the out-of-camp time slot.  Please send the amount of medication that will suffice for the entire camp experience.

If that is not possible due to medication specifics, please provide your health provider with the following information. Camp Dudley uses the Kinney Pharmacy, telephone number (518) 873-6441. Their address is: PO BOX 634, Elizabethtown, NY 12932. Your provider may have to provide the pharmacy with a written prescription and this address must be utilized.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND ITEMS SUCH AS: Tylenol, Antihistamines, nasal sprays (over-the-counter), etc.  We have these items in stock and can supply them to your child on a case-by-case basis.

We have found that campers often keep these items in their cabins and the New York State Health Department states that there are not to be any medications at all in the cabins for anyone including the Leader.  If any medication is needed we have most necessary items in the Infirmary which is accessible 24 hours a day.  If a prescription is needed, we utilize a local pharmacy and bill the camper’s account for the medication.  The prescription slip is available at the Camp Office/Bank; if you need it for reimbursement purposes, please contact the Office. Parents, please bring all medications to the Infirmary, when your son arrives.

Allergy injections also can be given at the Infirmary with the doctor’s order and materials brought to Camp.  Please bring these to the Infirmary upon arrival for storage and scheduling.

CAFETERIA:  If your son has a true food allergy, please make sure that Camp is aware of it by pre-season.  All components of proper nutrition are covered and vitamins are not necessary unless prescribed by a health care provider.

HEAD LICE: Although we do not check each camper upon arrival, our leaders are trained to react if a camper shows signs of itchiness. Please do not bring your son to camp with head lice.

LENS: If your son wears glasses, please send his second pair to camp with him if available. The Infirmary would be glad to store these for him in case they are needed during camp. If your son has contacts, he must be able to insert them without assistance. Please send enough contacts for the entire season.

SWIMMING: All campers will swim in Lake Champlain this summer.  Please pack aqua socks to protect their feet. If your son wears glasses, please bring a “croakie” or similar device. Glasses are not easy to retrieve from the lake.

OUT-OF-CAMP EXPERIENCES: (Hikes, Day Trips, Etc.) Every time your son leaves Camp, his health information and medications that he will need while gone, go with him.  This is done for every person up to age 18.

IF YOUR CHILD IS ILL PRIOR TO COMING TO CAMP: Please contact camp and speak to the Infirmary Staff. Communicable illnesses have been in the health care forefront and we have a protocol as well as engineering controls to follow. This process helps to maintain your son’s health as well as the camp’s health. The Infirmary will help to facilitate your son’s inclusion at Camp when he is healthy enough to attend.

It is extremely important that all of your child’s Health Information is current, please complete the entire Health Information Form.

We will attempt to meet all needs for each and every camper, to the best of our Infirmary’s capabilities and within reason.  Please know that your child’s health, safety and welfare are most important to us.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to give Camp a call or leave a message for Sheila Kapper, R.N.  She will try to get back to you as soon as she can.  She usually checks in with Camp on a weekly basis beginning in mid-April.  The number is 518-962-4720; fax 518-962-4320; or you may email her at kappers@westelcom.com, please include CD question in the subject line.

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