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Wish List

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Thank you for allowing our programs to expand and raise the bar each year.  Our departmental WISH LISTS reflects those larger items and improvements that may not fall into our yearly program budget.  Your support of our program areas is greatly appreciated and know that this will directly affect the boys and girls over the summer.

To order, simply click the links attached or search the suggested websites and have the item(s) sent to the following address for Kiniya and/or Dudley items:

Camp Dudley
126 Dudley Road
Westport, NY 12993

*If you would like, you can also send a check or make a donation online at www.campdudley.com/giving and specify what item the donation is for.  We will then purchase the item and follow up with an acknowledgement.

Lastly, you can always gift these items in honor or memory of a loved one, a former or future camper or leader or a particular time or moment at Camp.


Camp Dudley, Westport, NY – DEPARTMENT WISH LIST


10  5600 cubic inch Kelty “Red Cloud 90” backpacks for the NOLS/Dudley Summer Leadership trip – $1500- $2000 – http://www.kelty.com/p-412-red-cloud-90.aspx?category=backpacks – Important: 5 in S/M  and 5 in M/L – Color: any color or mix of colors

Sponsor 1 Dudley Staff (male or female) to lead the NOLS trip. Tuition + airfare = $5000

Although we have an indoor climbing wall in Sommer Hall, our climbing program continues to expand and we’d love to add on to our existing Wall and/or add an external wall to the outside of the Gymnasium.  This would be a naming opportunity as well – $35,000


We take a lot of pictures, shoot hundreds of hours of film and spend long hours editing.  We welcome the following items and if you have a used i pad or dSLR camera, we’d be happy to take it off your hands!  These items can all be purchased at www.amazon.com or www.apple.com


The woodshop would LOVE a table saw.


Fog Machine


Fogger with 800 watt heater with WIRELESS and 10ft wired remote. Fog output greater than 3,500 cfm using Fantasia fog fluid (this is the highest output 800w fogger we have ever seen). Initial warm-up time- about 7 minutes. Warm-up between cycles- about 4 minutes. 1 liter tank capacity. 2 min burst length. For a longer, healthier life, clean monthly with UNCLOGIT. Size 13 x 6 x 6. 8 lbs. For more info visit www.stageape.com

Robt. Bosch Tool 7-1/4” Circular Saw Kit

4-Source 4 Jr. 26º Ellipsoidal ($200 per fixture)

12- HPL575/115W Source 4 Bulbs ($15-30 a piece)

2- Source 4 Jr. Gobo Holder-Size “M” ($10)

2- Source 4 Jr. Drop-in Irises ($100)

Bass Amplifier for Witherbee –

Microphones – Shure SM57’s and Shure SM58’s.

Light board

Lighting Cables & Lights


5 dSLR cameras (preferably Nikon or cannon)

10 point and shoot cameras of the same brand

10 Macintosh Minis

10 external displays

1 airport extreme

1 time capsule (2 TB or larger)



Final Cut

Microsoft Word or Apple’ Pages


2 new surf boards – The kids love these!


2 new single kayaks

Camp Dudley at Kiniya, Colchester, VT – DEPARTMENT WISH LIST


1 Deluxe Club Teaching 325 Ball Cart $189.00 – Tennis Warehouse: http://www.tennis-warehouse.com/searchresults.html?search=products&searchtext=delux+club+teaching+cart&submit.x=0&submit.y=0

We can always use new or used (in good condition) Tennis Rackets and Cases. 2x 48”

10 Archery Targets



As the Kiniya waterfront continues to expand and enhance its offerings, we welcome gifts of Canoes and Kayaks.  Further, in particular, we’d love to add the following items to our existing fleet:

3 Sunfish Sailboats approximately $5000 each

2 C420 Sailboats approximately $6000ea.


If you have a piano or a collection of instruments you would like to gift to our Camps, we would put them to good use!

1 Yamaha Clavinova Piano $3000

1 Speaker System


2 Opening Day Welcome Tents $2500

1 Welcome Sign for Camp Entryway $2500



10 Camping Tents $5000

1 Canoe Trailer $3000

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