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Dudley & Kiniya


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New in 2012 – In an effort to streamline the information processing, eliminate errors and reduce waste, parents must log in to their CAMPER ACCOUNT for all paperwork and forms. Go to 1885.campdudley.org to do so. All deadlines are listed as well current camper information that we have on file. Please check in ASAP to stay ahead of these important deadlines. There will be no acceptance packets mailed this year. All health forms and camper information forms are included in the CAMPER ACCOUNT. If you have not logged into the account yet, please enter your email address into the right hand side. Please call the camp office at 518-962-4720 with questions. Also be sure to visit the Parent Q&A section for very important information.

Again, to log in go to: 1885.campdudley.org


This is what to expect when you go to 1885.campdudley.org

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