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Dudley & Kiniya

Karen L. Ramsey #22443

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#22443 Karen L. Ramsey, a Dudley parent, joins the Board of Managers.  Karen brings over 20 years of consulting experience, and is a Principal in the Life Sciences practice in Deloitte’s Boston office, leading the New England practice, and the Life Sciences Finance practice nationally. She has extensive experience serving clients across the industry.

Said Karen, “Camp Dudley, quite simply, has been transformational for my son — Camper # 21243 — and by extension for our family. Having savored every word of every letter that Colin wrote home from Westport over the past three summers, sometimes I feel as though I was lucky enough to attend Dudley myself.”

Karen has served on a variety of non-profit boards, and from 1995-2005 was a Founding Board Member and Treasurer of the Shackleton Schools, Inc., a Boston-based, non-profit educational venture focused on inspiring and educating young people to become leaders.

Karen is actively involved in Deloitte’s Womens’ Initiative, designing and leading programs to advance and retain female professionals. Said Karen, “I look forward to the opportunity to act as a role model to both women and girls associated with Camp Dudley and Kiniya as they work to achieve personal and professional balance in their own lives.”

Karen and her husband, Giles Troughton, and sons, Colin and Matthew, live in Sudbury, MA.

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