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Bill Combs #8704

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Bill Combs after just receiving CDA Man of the Year

#8704 William H. “Bill” Combs.
Millington, NJ 

Bill came to Camp in the summer of 1954 and continues to return some 58 years later. Camper, Aide, JL, Leader, CDA Vice President and President, two time Board Member ’87-’92, and Financial Chairman, Bill was recognized as the CDA Man of the Year in 2012.

Through his marriage to Lynne Tower Combs, the family is one of the larger voting blocs at Dudley.  Though we’ve lost count of exactly how many Combs/Towers there are, suffice to say that they need two cabins when they arrive for the CDA August Reunion, which is regularly.

Said Bill, “Rejoining the Dudley Board of Managers gives me the opportunity to contribute to an organization that has been a very important part of my life.  The blueprint Dudley provided in guiding my moral and ethical development helped me as a father in teaching my children, and in my career when faced with complex decisions. What Dudley has given to me far surpasses what I could ever repay.”

Bill lives in Millington, NJ, now retired from a 36-year career with Merrill Lynch. Bill and Lynne love to travel the globe, having visited all 7 continents and more than 70 countries. They have three children and six grandchildren. Not one to let the grass grow, for a 70th birthday celebration this spring, Bill and Lynne are biking from Fort Meyers, FL, across Okeechobee County and down through the Florida Keys.

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