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Peter Treiber #10524

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Peter and Irene Trieber with Samantha, Peter and Viv

Peter came to Dudley in the 1960s along with brother John #9816, Craig #9968, Bruce #10067, and twin brother Scott #10525.

The Treibers were introduced to Camp Dudley through Sam Pruyn, an old friend of the family. “We started coming in the early 1960s when the Northway had not yet been built, so it was quite a trip driving up the Thruway and taking the old 9N through Glens Falls, Lake George, Ticonderoga ultimately to Westport. I spent 6 summers at Camp Dudley and had the honor of having leaders such as Wheaton Griffin, Jon Appleyard, and the notorious George Nelson, to name a few.”

Peter and wife, Irene, have a son Peter #17525 who was a camper and Leader at Dudley, and eight nephews have found their way to Dudley. With this much of a core to start with, it has been easy for Peter and Irene to host an Annual Dudley Reunion in Sea Cliff, NY. Peter serves as EVP and COO, of the Treiber Group in Garden City, a division of Arthur J. Gallagher and Co, NYC.

Peter cited Bob Marshall, Stich, Peter Wertimer, Wheaton and Davo as having been major influences in his own life. “Camp’s values are with me every day, including in business. Facing a tough decision, I ask myself ‘what would we do at Dudley and how can we think about the other fellow first.’”

Peter, who has also served as a Director of the YMCA of Glen Cove, said, “I enjoyed my tenure at Dudley and had great joy watching my son flourish as a young man. I look forward to giving energy and support to the Camp Dudley Family.”

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