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Dwight Poler #11889, Chairman

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Dwight Poler

Dwight Poler #11889
London, Englad

The Poler family has been connected with Dudley for almost 100 years. Dwight’s grandfather, E. Edson Poler #3043, got things going in the summer of 1919, and 22 Polers have shown up since, with more in the wings!

Dwight is Managing Director of Bain Capital, LLC, based in London, where he and his wife Kirsten, and children Colin, Greta, and Elsa live. Dwight has served on a wide variety on non-profit Boards including a term on the Dudley board from 1997-02. The Polers have hosted a London Reunion for Dudley since 2000.

Said Dwight, “As a former Camper, Leader and now parent of Colin #19889 and Greta #20489, I am acutely aware of the challenges to providing a foundation of values for our children. We parents seem to have less direct time in their activity-packed lives; they are exposed to influences we cannot control, and traditional sources of values (church, and nearby grandparents) may be less accessible. Dudley remains a key touch-point for our family, each summer, to generate and support a set of core values. I am excited to return to the Board to explore where we can provide further positive impact for our Dudley community.

Dwight an Amherst graduate, hopes to rectify a slight Williams “imbalance” on the Board. He currently serves as the Chairman of the Board of Managers.
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