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Rick Commons

A veteran academic at several storied institutions in the country, including The McDonogh School and The Harvard-Westlake School, Rick joins the Dudley board after beginning his Camp career as a Junior in 1979.  As a Senior in 1980, Rick had Davo as a Leader in Hurd Lodge.  He then returned as a Leader in 1986 and 1987.  In recent years, Rick has appeared at Dudley as a Chapel Speaker in 2008 and again as the Chapel Speaker at the CDA’s 125th Reunion in 2009.  Rick’s speech delivered at The Groton School entitled, “The Other Fellow First,” was published in the commemorative edition of the CDA News in the fall of 2009.

Originally from Philadelphia, PA, Rick graduated from the University of Virginia in 1988.  He earned his masters degrees from Stanford University (1992) and Middlebury College, Bread Loaf School of English (1994).  Currently the Headmaster of the Groton School, MA, Rick is also a Trustee of the Fay School, Southborough, MA where Dudelyite, Rob Gustavson, serves as Headmaster.  At Groton, Rick has authored and implemented the school’s first successful strategic plan and raised more than $50 million in annual and capital funds.  Rick has also been a mentor and advisor to many of the young Dudley men and women working in the Independent School field.

Rick is married to Lindsay McNeil, who teaches at Groton, and the father of future Dudleyites Matthew (3) and Clara (born June 2010).  Rick, Lindsay and the children spend their summers at their cabin in Hague, NY, just 45 minutes from Dudley. “It was at Dudley that I first witnessed and felt the power of great teaching, and it was at Dudley that I first recognized the power of community, particularly a residential one, to instill values.”

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