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The William J. Schmidt Scholarship Fund

Brendan • 11 years ago • Alumni

Former Camp Director #7405 Willie and #16000 Lois Schmidt

The William J. Schmidt Scholarship Fund enables more than 230 boys and girls, regardless of their means, to enjoy the Camp Dudley and Kiniya life-changing experience.  The fund is made possible through the generosity of some 2,100 parents, alumni and friends.

Longtime Director Willie Schmidt worked tirelessly to “find bunks for kids” for more than 40 years.  Our Scholarship Fund is “The Other Fellow First” in action.  Each year this fund enriches Dudley’s camper communities, with campers from 40 states and 25 countries, while insuring ethnic and socio-economic diversity.

When Willie’s directorship began in 1974, Camp was pleased to provide $25,000 in scholarship assistance. However, that was just the beginning! Consider the growth of the Willie J Schmidt Scholarship fund since that time.  Camp’s scholarship investment increased more than ten fold during his tenure as director making camp available to all kids who deserve it!


Willie’s passion for making camp accessible to deserving to boys, and eventually girls, has become part of our proud heritage.

Please support our Scholarship Program with a gift to Camp Dudley today.

To learn more about this impressive man, his family and his legacy, please click here.

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