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Open House Tour Kicks Off!

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The colors in the Adirondacks and Green Mountains during the month of October are spectacular. Visitors, known as “leaf peepers,” descend upon our small towns and villages to catch the changing of the seasons. Soon, all the leaves will fall and the snow will join us for the next eight months or so…and then camp will start again! In the Camp Dudley and Camp Kiniya offices, this time of year means one thing – IT’S TIME TO HIT THE ROAD! For the next few months, Matt, Marnie, Davo, Ryan, and Kat will celebrate the summer of 2011 by joining so many of you in the homes of our fantastic and dedicated parents, alumni and friends.

This past weekend, we kicked-off our Open House roadshow the same way we have for the past 35 years, at the home of John and Martha Storey in Williamstown, MA. Current campers mingled with alumni and prospective campers while munching on the traditional 6 foot sub and delicious desserts. The evening culminated, as every open house will, with this years rendition of the much anticipated reunion video! Arts Department Head, #17185 James Guimaraes, has put together another tremendous movie highlighting the Dudley/Kiniya experience and allowing those in the audience to harken back to the warm days of summer. Saturday the 15th brought us to New Canaan, CT with nearly 100 cheerful men and women at the lovely home of Scott and Andrea Martin. The kids were still running around outside, both current campers and prospectives, well after the open house ended! On Sunday we were welcomed in Larchmont, NY by the McSherry family who continues to do a great job mixing new families with alumni and current Leaders and Staff. Smiles all around on a warm Sunday afternoon in October. OPEN HOUSE TOUR RESUMES THIS THURSDAY IN COLCHESTER, VT AND THEN A REUNION EVERYDAY FOR THE NEXT WEEK – PLEASE JOIN US!

Carter Storey and Sam Dils

Kelsey Goodwin and the Kiniya Girls

Tommy, Davo and Jake enjoy a laugh

Lowest Camp Number Winner, #6507 Willard Powell with friends Liam and Marnie

Yohas all around!

Jamie Baldwin, Ryan Joyce and Pam Baldwin catching up in New Canaan

Kiniya JL, Sophie Delfeus surprises Marnie and Kat in New Canaan!

Happy Dudleyites all around in New Canaan

Davo with his future Larchmont Leaders

Kat Hood with the Larchmont Kiniya Girls!

Quentin, Jack and Balthazar reminiscing about the summer of 2011

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