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Record Breaking Year

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Here’s how it all happened…

  • Total raised for Annual Giving: Over $750,000

  • 18.7% increase from previous fiscal year

  • 2,145 total gifts

  • 31 Matching Gifts for $17,258.25

  • Lowest camp number of a donor: #3526

  • Highest camp number of a donor: #22465

  • Tuition for Summer 2011 – One session: $4,450 Full Season: $7,500 Mini: $1,300

  • Scholarships awarded to 227 young men and women

  • $18,500 given from the current Leaders and Staff at Dudley & Kiniya for The Leadership Fund – representing 100% participation

  • Campers: 637 boys, 339 girls


A note from Director of Development, C. Ryan Joyce #15093

A record year!  Over $750,000 raised for the William J. Schmidt Annual Fund!
The official launch of the 2011-2012 fiscal year is underway!

As we kick off our Annual Fund 2011-2012, we wanted to thank you and congratulate you for your outstanding generosity and passion for Camp Dudley & Camp Kiniya!  We ask a great deal of our Dudley alumni, parents and friends and we hope that you fully understand how our Camps have benefited from your service.  The William J. Schmidt Annual Fund has directly affected the future of our mission as we continue to serve nearly 1,000 campers a summer and thousands of Dudley family members throughout the year.  Over $750,000 is the largest known increase in Camp Dudley’s 127 year history – a nearly 20% boost from last year.  Despite the rough economic times and the demand for scholarship dollars at an all-time high the Camp Dudley family remains as robust and supportive as ever.  We thank every one of you for your tireless support and passion for all things Camp Dudley and Camp Kiniya.  We are blessed with a tremendous alumni network and campers, parents and friends who understand the importance of our message to the rest of the world: “The Other Fellow First.”

We welcome fiscal year 2011-2012 today with this serving as our official launch.  The theme of this fiscal year is “Why I give back to Dudley.”  I’ll be asking you throughout the year about what compels you to give back to Dudley and what our camping experience has meant to each of you.  So many of our Dudley family members give back in a variety of ways – spending a week at camp working, suggesting our camps to the next generation, hosting a reunion, donating to the Annual Fund, funding a capital project at one of our camps, attending an alumni gathering…   The issue of the fall, 2011, CDA News will headline with this theme and will draw upon letters, statements, emails, and conversations with you about this very idea.

Annual giving is our bread and butter, however, many important capital projects are ahead.  The shoreline restoration on both campuses, the cabins on the beach at Kiniya, in addition to other major program facilities…  All critical endeavors that will ask a great deal of our alumni, parents and friends.

I’d love to hear from you, this new fiscal year, as to why you give back.  When you have a moment, please send your thoughts on this theme.  I’m anxious to hear from you and would be happy to include your reflections in the CDA News cover story – “Why I give back to Dudley.”

Onward and upward!  It’s been a great year and will be an even stronger 2011-2012! Click here to help 2012 get off to the right start!

Looking forward to crossing paths on the reunion trail.

Ryan #15093
Director of Development


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