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Dudley & Kiniya

May 2011 Board Meeting Notes

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May 13, 2011

Marnie, Matt and staff reported on the significant challenges facing both the Westport and Colchester campuses in light of the torrential April rains and accompanying historic snow melt in the North Country, and the resulting devastation along Lake Champlain’s shores in the form of landslide and lake level impacts. The Board toured the land slide areas on both campuses, and reviewed action plans the Directors and staff would implement to ensure a safe, fulfilling and uninterrupted experience for the camp communities in the summer ahead.

Matt and Marnie underscored the exceptional contributions of the Dudley and Kiniya facilities and maintenance staff in preparing both campuses for another “best ever” season under very difficult circumstances.

Matt and Marnie shared very robust statistics regarding camper, Leader and staff recruitment and retention for the upcoming summer, reporting that both campuses were oversubscribed for the summer as well as an exceptional summer leadership team featuring a large majority of returning and experienced Leaders and staff members. In addition to exceeding recruiting and retention objectives, the Directors also shared progress towards 2011 goals in the areas of communication and community building, ongoing attention to evening (“After-Third”) activities for Leaders, year-round and summer seasonal environmental sustainability initiatives to be featured in both Westport and Colchester, and key Leadership initiatives in preparation for the upcoming season.

Among other topics discussed during the May meeting were:

  • Dudley’s historic affiliation and relationship with the YMCA, in light of the Y’s recent re-branding initiative and additional reporting and certification obligations imposed on residential summer camps.
  • The 50th year of the German Exchange program, feature Kiniya participation for the first time this summer.
  • The annual report of the Board’s Audit Committee, including review of the annual audit report with Camp Dudley’s auditor.
  • An update from the Board’s Diversity Committee regarding initiatives underway to continue to increase diversity on both Dudley’s campuses.
  • Camp Dudley Development activities, including substantial progress ($477,000) towards the $550,000 annual giving goal; Dudley’s strong budgetary/financial status; and the year-to-date 7% increase in Dudley’s approximately $7.8 million endowment.


The staff and Board also celebrated Bill Vannemann, Sr., whose life of 102 years included decades of devotion to Camp Dudley.

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