Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

Camp Dudley at Kiniya Work Weekend 2011

• 11 years ago • Kiniya Blog

There is nothing better than a beautiful weekend spent with camp friends on the shores of Lake Champlain. With our regulars arriving Friday night, the weekend was off to a great start. By 9am the next morning we were already a crew of about 35 people and we must have had over 50 folks for lunch. This year, we tackled a range of jobs from cleaning up branches and trees around campus and on the trails to taking inventory of all of our store gear. Who needs a sweathshirt!? The dining hall benches got a fresh coat of BLUE and the docks at Junior Beach had their final hours in the lake before our 15 UVM volunteers helped Shawn store them for the winter. The backstage of our beloved theater got a COMPLETE clean – you won’t even recognize it! Trust me. It looks amazing. As always, special thanks to Joan McKeown for tackling the endless amounts of linens and sorting them in preparation for summer 2012. And, thanks to all for yet another successful Fall Work Weekend at Camp Dudley at Kiniya.

Kat Hood leads the pickup truck charge towards the Lodge!

People were busy everywhere!

A lot of work being done in the Kiniya Garden!

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