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2011 CDA Man of the Year – Bill Combs

• 11 years ago • Alumni

2011 CDA Man of the Year, Bill Combs, III #8704

On Saturday, August 20th 2011, CDA President Ted Smith awarded the 2011 CDA Man of the Year to #8704 Bill Combs. Transcript of the recognition is as follows:

“The Camp Dudley Association has presented an annual award for the Man of the Year since 1959, when the Reverend Lee Ellenwood was the first recipient of this award.  Since that year, 52 men and women have been honored with this prize, including such luminaries as Chief Beckman, Bill Prior, the Dudley family, the Women of Camp Dudley, Willie and Lois Schmidt, and even Sumner F. Dudley himself.  In short, this is a tremendous honor for the recipients who have given tremendously of themselves to the cause of Camp Dudley over many years.  This year’s recipient falls in line with so many before him who have spent countless hours, days, years, and decades in service to Camp Dudley.

We like to do a little teaser before we come out and say the name of this year’s recipient, and I had the help of the recipient’s son, who could not be with us tonight but who sent me the following letter to his father for me to read to you tonight.  I quote:

Bill Combs #8704 finds out he is the recipient of the CDA Man of the Year Award

Dear Dad,

Little did you know that when you got off the train in 1954 to the sound of the Rhythm Ramblers, all that lay ahead of you.  Little did you know that after your first full summer as a Plebe that you would return again as a Junior, an Aide, a JL  and a Leader.  Little did you know that you were so skinny that Director Bob Marshall made you drink milk shakes and lift weights behind his house to fatten you up.  Little did you know that your future brother-in-law, Harry Tobbs Tower, would also go to Dudley and twenty years later, both your families would camp out together at Stacy Brook and come to these summer CDA reunions.  Little did you know in 1954 that you would have a son who also would attend and serve at Camp for eight summers.  Little did you know that your future nephews, Tobbs and Andy Tower, would become Dudleyites and that two altar servers from San Antonio, Abraham Quintanilla and Xavier Pytel, would also come up to Lake Champlain, thanks to you as their adopted grandfather.  Little did you know, Camper #8704, that after paving the way to Westport, NY for so many of us future Dudleyites and serving as CDA President and benefactor for so many years that you would become the CDA Man of the Year.”

Congratulations to the 2011 Camp Dudley Association Man of the Year, camper #8704, William H. Combs!”

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