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When I was a junior in 1987, Taylor Schollmaier was the Junior Division head (his son Teo is a cub this summer!) He was also the Mellowest man at camp. So it was only fitting that he created one of the longest standing extravaganzas at Camp Dudley – Mellow Fest. An afternoon where the junior division can play music, throw the frisbee, hacky sack, make tie dies and hang out with their buddies. The tradition grew quickly to include 7-8 hours of musical acts and opened up to the rest of the camp community. For some at camp, this was their favorite day of the season.

This summer’s Fest was amazing. Musical acts and poetry readings started at 3pm and went until James Mayo finished with an all camp singing vesper under the stars on main campus at 9:30. The highlight of the day for me was having my dear friend Scott Sylvester back to play. He performed a bunch of his original songs and then he played a song with his six-year old son Zane. Zane joined him for an Scottish ballad, where Scott played guitar and Zane sang. Not only did he belt out every word flawlessly, but he did so in front of a packed house of about 500 people, with bright lights and dark skies. It was one of those memorable Camp Dudley moments, one that few will soon forget.

Thanks for coming back Scott, and for sharing all of your gifts with us.

Scott and Zane Sylvester Headline at Mellow Fest

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