Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

Who Needs Fireworks?

• 12 years ago • Dudley Blog

The 4th of July usually means fireworks to most kids. But at Dudley, we skip the fireworks and have our own parade around campus. Firemen, EMS, Ambulance teams from Moriah, Peru, Westport, Wallonsburgh, Wadhams, Mineville/Witherbee and beyond all joined us, as well as Antique Car buffs. The canon blew, the horn sounded and the boys responded with cheers as we started the day off in true Dudley style.

A Few Leaders Hitch a Ride!

We had a special visit this year from Batman and Robin, who led the parade and festivities of the day. Robin extended a “Director’s Challenge” to all campers throughout the day, which proved to be a huge success. He competed in golf, archery, riflery, balancing, tether ball, football toss, foul shooting and eventually lost once, and only once in the dreaded foot race. Robin was never all that fast.

That's Right, We Are In Charge

Success on the tetherball court

He even does lawns!

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