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The Best Part of Camp – By Leadership Director, Bethany Silva

• 11 years ago • Blogs | Kiniya Blog

Our second week of camp is in full swing, and there’s LOTS going on!

Our aides have returned from their Aides’ Experience, a two-day through-hike on the Long Trail!

This Yoha photo was taken when we stopped for a snack on the first day of the trip.  The spot is called Molly Stark’s Balcony, just in case you want to visit sometime.

As one of our Aides said on the first night of the trip, “I get it now!  The whole reason we go on this hike is because it’s like a metaphor for camp.  It’s challenging and beautiful, and then you’re at the top.  Then, you head back downhill, thinking, ‘Hey, this is easier,’ but at the bottom, it turns out that there’s another mountain to climb.  And you can’t get there without hard work and each other.”

And here’s the view from the lean-to when we woke up on the second morning!  We worked on extending the metaphor to include this view, but all we could come up with was, “Wow.”

Every time I take a trip into the woods, I feel like I’ve experienced the best camp has to offer.  Helping young women struggle through the challenge of summiting a mountain, talking for hours on the trail, really getting to know a small group of people well, seeing views like these . . . while I’m in the woods, it always seems to me that this is IT.  This is the absolute best part of camp.

And then, I come back to camp.  And the girls have painted a horse purple.

Seriously.  They painted the horse purple.  Well, okay, it’s an all-natural horse shampoo that comes out of the bottle purple and then helps to turn the horse nice and white when you wash him, BUT where else can you walk around and find a half dozen girls joyfully turning a horse colors?  So, now I’m torn.  What’s the best part of camp?  Trips or what’s on-site?

Nah, it’s neither.  I’m going to have to say that it’s the campers.

Check out the Week One Slide Show below!

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