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Cub Academy Awards. Plebe Minute to Win It. Juniors in the Woods. Seniors Quidditch Tournament. What a place!

I am quite confident that no where else on Earth could you see such an array of activities in one night. The cubs were dressed to impress for the Academy Awards “ganza” which quickly turned into an all out dance party in Witherbee Hall. When I walked into the hall I could smell sweaty cubs and hear the thumping beat while all the boys pulled out their best moves and then quickly shared them with their buddies to try and replicate. This is not happening anywhere else in the world.

The Plebe division flooded into the Sommer Hall for our own very impressive version of “Minute to win it” complete with eggs, ping pong balls, Oreos, pennies, paddles, pencils and ping pong balls. They won it alright.

Minute to Win It

More winners!

The Seniors ran 4 full Quidditch matches on the upper fields and made it look like an Olympic sporting event. Union cabin came out on top, and we decided to leave the Quidditch fields in tact so that we could play more this games this summer.

Quidditch match begins!

Every Junior trip came back safely. We had canoe trips, hikes, rock climbing and a new farm to table trip. An excellent day. Wish you were here.

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