Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

Aaaahhh, CAMP!

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There isn’t a single day at Kiniya that is like any other!

Each day is packed with action in a wide variety of ways with plenty of giggles, and a ton of fun built in throughout. With our regular program in full swing, our first and full session girls are bouncing from one activity to another throughout the day, and our Leaders and staff are providing a platform for each and every camper to find success.

The spirit of Camp is at an all time high. Cheers can be heard from the Welcome Center porch as girls move from one activity to the next, and the singing after meals is extremely impressive.

The Barn is a-buzz with activity, with 110 girls riding this session! Jorunn, Gillian and team are thrilled with our 34 horses and even more thrilled with the high level of instruction provided. ‘Ted’ continues to be a favorite, although a few new horses are contending for ‘top spot’ on the camper favorite list. ‘Stormy’ stands no taller than ‘Ted’ and spent Opening Day in Junior Village with our youngest girls. Not unlike the new campers, he has settled into his summer home beautifully and is a welcome addition to our camp community!

Our new Arts building is absolutely fabulous, bringing our Arts & Crafts Program to a new level. The addition of Pottery as an Art Major is a huge hit and the building is full to the brim during choice time each day! Our cast list for the ‘Big Show’ went up last night and first rehearsal begins today!

Down at the waterfront, all girls have completed their swim screening, and boating activities have begun. After some light rain last week, girls are taking full advantage of our glorious sunny days this week and have jumped into the many offerings at Junior Beach, which is now the home for swimming, canoe, kayak and sailing.

As Leadership Director, Bethany, and I walk around Camp, visiting the different cabins and activity areas, it is so apparent that all of our girls have really settled in and begun to make camp a place of their own.

Welcome Home girls!


Smiles all around!

A lot of fun being had over at the new tennis courts!

The Archery Glen has seen plenty of action!

The sun is shining at Junior Beach!

Smiling faces in front of the brand new Treiber Arts Center

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