Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

DC Alums turn out in big numbers!

• 11 years ago • Alumni

#15328 JD Boyle and #15741 Mark Wooters know how to throw a party with our largest crowd of “young alums”.  Over 50 people joined Ryan, Kat and Davo at PJ Clarke’s in DC.  CDA Vice President, #14107 Jay Wells spoke about the much anticipated CDA Reunion August 18-21 and everyone enjoyed the many pictures and Dudley memorabilia throughout the room.  Raising money for the William J. Schmidt Scholarship Fund was big topic of discussion as requests continue to grow at record rates.  We are very grateful to our hosts and to everyone who made it out on a weeknight and continue to support our Camp.  It’s alumni gatherings like DC that remind us all how powerful a Dudley summer is.  For more images from DC click here.

#12533 Tom Skilton and Davo

Cousins #15741 Mark Wooters, #18125 Charlie Joyce, #14407 John Egan, #15093 Ryan Joyce

Gina and #14828 Jeff Cady, Sherry and #13429 R-U-S-S, #15741 Mark Wooters

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