Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

Combined Board & Work Weekend was Great FUN! Photos Added!

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The Camp Dudley Board of Managers Spring meeting was combined with the Annual Work Weekend this year and we got a ton done! Director of Maintenance Steve Denton had a long list of jobs to get accomplished and we tackled them all! After the Board of Managers meeting on Friday, the group stayed around for the weekend to pitch in with the regular Work Weekenders. Our friends from Sodexo catered the event with delicious meals. A big work crew went over to Kiniya to help Marnie and her team as well. We could not get camp ready each summer without this tremendous turnout and show of support. Thanks to you ALL! Mark your calendars and join us next year.

Work Weekenders Plant the Vegetable Garden

Board Chairman Dwight Poler painting the bell

Ted and Fred's Excellent Adventure

Chris Perry spruces up the Hike Hut

All planted, What's Next?!

Lots of helpers put siding in the Treiber Center for arts and crafts

Busy at work creating the brand new walkway by the Welcome Center

Painting in Senior Village!

Kevin McCormick and pals construct a new table

Shawn, Glenn and Dave Dewey smile in the rain!

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