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Q & A for Dudley Parents

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Sending Mail to Your Son:

  • Please address all mail to Camp’s address, in the following manner:
  • Your Son’s Name
  • Your Son’s Cabin (cabin assignment issued on opening day)
  • Camp Dudley
    126 Dudley Road
    Westport, NY 12993

The Camp phone number is:

  • (518) 962-4720

Parents should always keep us informed of changes in their mailing address or telephone numbers during the summer, even if leaving home for only a short time.

Other Important Rules and Information:

  • The Camp colors are navy blue and white.
  • No dogs are permitted on Camp property at any time. Please cooperate!
  • No smoking or drinking alcohol is permitted on Camp property. Please cooperate.
  • No fireworks. A suitable program is planned for the observance of Independence Day.
  • Candy or food cannot be kept in cabins. They attract wild animals. Do not send or buy candy or food for your son to keep at Camp. All food will be confiscated and not returned. Sweets are provided after lunch and dinner, and the Camp Store supplies candy after dinner.
  • Be sure to have your boy bring his musical instrument. A place for safekeeping is provided. He will have an opportunity to play while at Camp.
  • Academic tutoring is not offered at Camp Dudley.
  • Boys should not bring electronic equipment to Camp. There is much to do at Camp Dudley without electronic equipment. The Leader in your son’s cabin will have music to share with the cabin. NO iPods, iPads or e-readers.
  • Boys cannot bring cell phones to Camp. If they need one for traveling to and from camp, they can turn it in at the office for safe keeping.
  • Boys cannot bring pocket-knives to Camp.
  • New York State regulations state that boys must be at least 12 years old to participate in riflery. We confine riflery to Juniors and Seniors only. Camp provides rifles for use at the range. Boys who bring their own rifles, ammunition, or archery equipment must check these at the Office immediately upon arrival in Camp.
  • Cash is easily stolen and not permitted. Spending money should be sent directly to the Camp Bank.

What equipment will my son need at Camp? Will he need a trunk? Please refer to our Packing List and also apply your own judgement based on your knowledge of your son and his needs. He will need a trunk to store his clothing and its dimensions must not exceed 14.5 inches high by 34 inches long. One good place to purchase trunks is Everything Summer Camp (use code trail267DY when ordering.)

How will my son get to and from the airport or the train station? Please give us the details of your son’s travel plans and our head of operations will make arrangements to pick him up. We will use the information you completed on the Travel section of the online camper account at 1885.campdudley.org.

Will you be posting pictures of my son online? We post pictures online every Friday during the season. While we make an effort to capture as much of the daily action as possible, we cannot assure that your son will be in pictures every week. You can also purchase any of these photos through our website to be delivered to your home.

What can we expect when we arrive on campus for Opening Day? You and your son will be greeted by our Staff at the upper fields, where you will park your car. Our Staff will bring your son’s luggage to his cabin. You and your son will walk to his cabin, meet Matt and Davo and his Leader(s) and get him settled in and say your goodbyes. After you leave, your son may take his swim test at Swim Point and continue to get acquainted with his new friends. He will be immersed into Camp life immediately.

Can my son leave Camp early or arrive late to a session? We strongly discourage arriving to Camp late or leaving early because it disrupts the flow of the experience for your son and his fellow campers. In certain situations, these disruptions are unavoidable and may be taken up with the Camp Director well ahead of time.

What if my child is homesick? Our Leaders are trained to handle homesickness and our Camp Director works closely with those boys who are struggling to get comfortable here at Dudley. Most boys adapt quickly to the daily schedule and all of its varied activity. In the rare instances when a camper is extremely homesick, the parents will be notified and kept abreast of their son’s progress. Campers who leave camp early or are dismissed will not receive a refund of their tuition.

May I call or visit my son? You may visit your son during Parents’ Weekend. We have a strong parent turn-out on these fun-filled and busy weekends and hope you will plan to attend. In the case of an emergency, you may leave a message for your son and we will respond accordingly. The campers will not be allowed to call home or to receive calls on a regular basis. Obviously, there will be extenuating circumstances to this policy and the Director will handle those at his discretion. We encourage you to share a good, old-fashioned letter with your son! We discourage care packages as they are extremely disruptive to Camp life.

How and when will I hear from my son? Each boy is strongly encouraged to write home every Sunday.

Should my son bring money and, if so, how much will he need? Boys should not bring cash with them or keep cash in the cabin. All boys are required to keep their spending money in the Camp Bank. In general, we suggest $100 for a one-session camper and $150 for a full-season camper. Should your son overdraw his account, it will not prevent him from participating in the Camp programs because of insufficient funds. At the end of the summer, any money due to your son’s account will be billed to you shortly after the season. Conversely, any money left in your son’s account at the end of the season will be returned to you or you can donate to the William J. Schmidt Scholarship Fund.

What will my son be eating this summer? We take food and nutrition very seriously here at Camp. All campers eat with their cabins and are served family style. Each boy will have a turn as a daily waiter and will set the table and serve their cabin mates. Breakfast is served at 8 am, lunch at 1pm and dinner at 6pm in Beckman Dining hall. We have a professional food service company that manages all aspects of the meals, and our leaders are trained during orientation by a licensed nutritionist . We have an on-site bakery and vegetable garden that the boys get to visit and contribute to, and purchase food from as many local vendors as possible. All of our flour is milled in Westport, NY and we purchase fruits and vegetables from a local CSA. Special dietary needs are taken very seriously, and need to be brought to our attention before camp. Boys can be finicky eaters, but there are always options for them in order to get enough nourishment.

How do you handle campers’ birthdays? All birthdays are recognized and celebrated in the Camp dining hall. Each birthday boy receives his own homemade cake to share with his cabin mates and traditional birthday and Dudley songs are sung.

How do you place campers in cabins? There are four divisions at Camp Dudley. Boys are assigned to a specific division based on school grade and age. The Director and Admissions Committee use their knowledge of each boy and the Camp’s program to make the final assignment. Most Cubs are entering the 6th grade and 11 years old; Plebes, entering 7th grade and 12 years old; Juniors, entering the 8th grade and 13 years old; and Seniors, entering the 9th grade and 14 years old. If a boy begins his camping experience early (entering 5th grade, for example) he can expect to repeat either his Plebe, Junior or Senior years. The Director makes an effort not to place boys from the same home town or school in a cabin together.

How many Leaders are in a cabin? Each cabin consists of approximately eight campers, one Aide, one Junior Leader or Assistant Leader and a Leader. The Senior Division cabins do not have Aides in them.

How do you train your Leaders? 99% of the Dudley leadership has come up through the ranks here at Camp. No other camp in America can make this claim. In addition, each Leader undergoes a 10-day pre-season orientation that meets and exceeds the guidelines of the New York State Health Department. All of the younger Leaders (JL’s and AL’s) also participate in pre-season preparation in order to help them discharge their duties in a professional and sensitive manner. As parents, the Camp Dudley administration has an “acid test” for the hiring of each employee, namely, “Would I trust my child with this young man?” If they cannot pass this test, they are not hired.

We are non-Christians, will my son have to attend Chapel service? Yes. While we are a YMCA-affiliated camp, our Sunday services are non-denominational and transcend any one religion. Sundays are a time of reflection and joy, when we reinforce the ideals of our motto, “The Other Fellow First.” Most campers claim Sunday as their favorite day at Camp.

What if my son doesn’t enjoy sports? The Camp Dudley program incorporates athletics, arts, outdoors and spirituality, with an opportunity for each one in any given day. Your son will be required to participate in sports and team building, sportsmanship and fundamentals will be stressed. The emphasis in sports at Dudley is on having fun while competing at 100% effort. Camp Dudley is a generalist camp with opportunities for all boys with varied interests.

Do you have a Camp doctor? We have doctors who rotate in and out of Camp on a weekly basis. Our doctors hold daily sick calls in the morning and evening and are “on call” 24 hours a day. We have a full nursing staff available at the Mott infirmary at any hour of the day or night. Our local hospitals include Elizabethtown (12 minutes) and Plattsburgh (40 minutes). PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING PAGE ABOUT OUR HEALTH CENTER.

My son has allergies, what provisions does Dudley have in place for that? ALL allergies must be noted on the health from in two places, front and back. All medicines and/or Epi-Pens must be registered with Sheila Kapper, our head nurse, at the infirmary. Specific instructions for allergies should be written down and filed with Sheila. If your child has food allergies, those, too, must be noted on the health form. Camp will discuss dietary needs with the Kitchen Administrator. Please call Camp with further questions.

What are your policies on abuse? Camp Dudley has a written policy on abuse, which we ask you, the parent or guardian, to discuss with your boy prior to his arrival at Camp.

  1. Physical abuse is the hitting or striking of another person in anger.
  2. Psychological abuse includes screaming, yelling, name-calling or degrading in a manner designed to frighten or intimidate.
  3. Sexual abuse includes fondling, touching or excessive hugging in a manner that could be interpreted as an invitation to sexual activity, or sexual activity itself.
  4. Neglecting the emotional or personal needs in our care.

We do all in our power to keep your son emotionally and physically safe during their time at Camp Dudley.

I have multiple sons at Camp, is there a tuition break? Camp Dudley offers financial assistance and/or payment plans to deserving families through our scholarship program.

What items are NOT allowed at Camp Dudley? Food sent from home, cash, roller blades, bicycles, skateboards, hand-held TVs, boom boxes, cell phones, game-boys or any hand-held video games, an expensive camera (single use or disposable are more appropriate), pocket knives, lighters, candles, matches, water guns and super-soakers. iPods of any kind, kindle or nook e-readers, are not allowed at Camp Dudley.

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