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Dudley & Kiniya

January Board of Managers Meeting Update

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At its January 2011 meeting, the Camp Dudley Board of Managers welcomed three new members:

·       Rick Commons, #12434
·       Scott Martin,  #12289
·       Mike Stevens, #11373

The Board also welcomed Ryan Joyce #15093, Camp Dudley’s newly appointed Director of Development.

Directors Matt Storey and Marnie McDonagh reported very strong enrollment, recruiting and retention statistics for the upcoming season at both Dudley and Kiniya among campers, all members of the cabin leadership team, and staff, predicting that the two camps would be oversubscribed in each category for the season ahead.  Marnie and Matt emphasized the enthusiasm, energy and communication among the current leadership team, underscoring their commitment to Camp and each other through a year-round connection that will manifest positively during the summer season.

As is traditionally the case at the first Board meeting of each year, the Directors outlined specific goals for the coming year, including:
recruiting and retaining a quality and at-capacity camp community, with an ongoing emphasis on increasing diversity; determining with the Board a workable/sustainable governance model for Dudley’s camps; strengthening communications and relationships with all Dudley constituencies; reviewing and managing a safe after-third culture for Leaders and Staff; formalizing networking opportunities for young alums and current leaders; creating an environmental sustainability action plan for both campuses; and reviewing off-season leadership and mission trip opportunities for young men and women in the Dudley family.

Among the many projects underway involving Dudley and Kiniya’s plant and property are, at Kiniya: construction of a new Arts & Crafts Center (thanks to a generous donation from the family of Board Member Peter S. Treiber, #10524; a new camper cabin donated by the Coyne family, a new basketball court; and a new septic field; and at Dudley: painting, staining and flooring work at Witherbee Hall, MacLean Lodge and Sommer Hall; renovation of the staff dining room, and repair and resurfacing of the on-campus road circuiting portions of the main campus.

The Board learned that notwithstanding record increases in annual contributions to the William J. Schmidt Scholarship Fund over last five years, requests for full or part scholarships have also increased in record amounts, particularly in the context of the recent economic downturn.  That said, Development Director Ryan Joyce and Board Development Committee Chair Lauren Roth expressed optimism that Dudley would meet or exceed the goal of raising $550,000 for the Schmidt fund in the current Fiscal Year ending September 30th.  It was also reported that Camp Dudley’s endowment, as of December 31, 2010, is valued at $7,460,572.19, an increase from December 2009 of 13%.

The Board’s next meeting is scheduled for Friday, May 13, and for the first time will coincide with the annual Spring Work Weekend at Dudley and Kiniya.

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