Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

1st Annual Kiniya JL Weekend

• 12 years ago • Announcements | Kiniya Blog

This past weekend 10 of our 17 JL’s joined us in Westport for a weekend of fun and bonding. We really enjoyed our time together and shared our excitement for summer of 2011. To kick off the weekend, Marnie shared a video of Kiniya from the 1930’s followed by this year’s reunion DVD. Nightly vespers kept the mood focused toward summer and really allowed the girls to get to know each other a bit more. It was great to get the girls thinking about their new roles at camp this summer as first time employees! We were able to trek across the lake to our beloved home in Colchester and enjoyed some snowshoeing around campus and out to our new Lean-to! The weather was perfect and only two ended up on the ground throughout the whole afternoon! Before venturing to dinner, we all crammed into Homestead for a little planning ahead, brainstorming for vespers, games, and rainy days. These girls had so much to share this weekend and they will be outstanding JL’s this summer and I can’t wait to work with them!!

Getting Ready for our Trek to the Lean-to!

Sara Nelson joined in for the fun!

Busy at work.

The very beginning of our adventure in the parking lot. Can you tell?

Marnie leading the way!

Smile for the camera!!

Hello to everybody back at home from the 0-5446!!

The whole group out at the lean-to

On the trails behind the Barn

Getting some work down in our own little office

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