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Dudley & Kiniya

November 2010 Board Update Letter

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At our recent Board meeting, we celebrated a great first summer of 2010 under Director Matt Storey at Dudley, and our 5th outstanding summer under Marnie McDonagh at Kiniya. A new Dudley era is well underway for Campers, Alumni, Parents and Staff.

Matt and Marnie reported on key developments over the course of the year: we had full enrollment at both Camps and operated within our budget. Your record levels of generous giving to the William J. Schmidt Scholarship fund met the needs of unprecedented requests for aid. We have closed, and surpassed, our $10 million Dudley Family Campaign goal.

The Board looked hard at how best to balance Camp’s economic needs with the pressure on our loyal families. As a result, we raised tuition by only 1% to $4,450 per session; $7,500 full-season. (It is important to note that tuition covers only 82% of the actual cost per camper, with the William J. Schmidt Scholarship fund and 4% annual endowment yield making up the difference.)

The Board also recognized Andy and Fran Bisselle’s strong decade of leadership and bid him best wishes at the Stratton Mountain School. The transition of leadership in Westport was very smooth with full retention of our year-round staff. We are now preparing for our 127th summer with tremendous enthusiasm among the returning summer staff.

In the coming year, the Board will:

  • Focus on leadership development with Dudley-centered opportunities for our 15-17-year olds that complement our Aide/JL summers on-campus, including: The Boys Camping Society, the German Exchange program, and new community service “Mission Trips.”
  • Continue upgrades to the Camp Kiniya campus utilizing funds designated for that purpose from the Dudley Family Campaign, a separate $1 million Board of Managers capital challenge fund, and through special donations for major targeted renovations.

Watch closely:

  • Economic Uncertainty, which makes us sensitive to the impacts that Dudley families face,
  • Cost Management, carefully stewarding Dudley’s unique program, without sacrificing the Dudley experience, and,
  • The Prudent Financial Management of our Endowment, which is back at pre-crash levels.

Still, We Need Your Help!

As one who understands the benefits of a Dudley summer, would you consider two very important requests?

  1. Making Camp Dudley a priority in your charitable giving this year. Your support, through the 2010-11 William J. Schmidt Scholarship Fund will enable more than 230 deserving boys and girls to experience Dudley and Kiniya again this summer and, in the process, change lives.
  2. Spreading the word to and letting us know about, great prospective campers who would love a summer of Dudley fun while sharing in “The Other Fellow First” value system. Your best recommendations are Dudley’s future generations!

Thank you, and we are grateful for your longtime support of Dudley.

Dwight M. Poler #11889
Board Chair

Christopher N. Perry #12764
William J. Schmidt Scholarship Fund Chair

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