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Dudley & Kiniya

An Unexpected Guest in Cazenovia

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It was wonderful seeing Matt Dydo and Colette Powers along with their 3 boys, Elliot, Harry and Tanner in beautiful Cazenovia, NY. We also saw Davo’s former camper Dan Keating, who came with his wife Jessie and 2 daughters. But the highlight must have been the visit from the Nick Coyne and Family who was in town for the SU v. Pitt game! This included the Hearon boys and their mom Christy as well as aunt Carol. They helped us fill the room! It was wonderful to see you Nick!

Miles, Carol, Nick, Christy and Iker - Go Orange!

After Cazenovia, we headed west to Buffalo to visit with Barney Walsh and lovely wife Amy at the Buffalo Reunion. Alums Rob Drake, Mark Mahoney, Little Snake Carstenson, as well as former leader types Shane Canning and Alexei Carstenson and 2010 JL Max Paterson. Thanks for joining us!

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