Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

Fall in the Adirondacks

• 12 years ago • Blogs | Dudley Blog

After a great morning meeting, we headed just a few miles away from Camp Dudley for Coon Mountain, a wonderful little hike north of Westport. I was amazed to hear that out of the 11 of us that hiked, only Dave, Carter and I had done it before. A wonderful reminder of how many excellent resources we have right here on our doorstep.

It was a perfect day. A cold morning sunrise over campus, a big hearty breakfast prepared by Davo in MacLean, followed by a half day meeting about all things Dudley, followed by a hike up Coon Mountain, and dinner in MacLean around the fireplace with good Dudley friends and of course, Dogwood Pizza! It was a real treat to all who made the effort to get here. Thanks for doing so!

Corey, Matt, Mike, Yappy, Ryan, Kyle, Sam, Monkey, Dave and Scott on Coon Mt. with Dudley in background

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