Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

The “1885er” Award

• 12 years ago • Blogs | Dudley Blog

One of the best ideas we got from Marnie and Camp Kiniya’s rich history was to celebrate campers who come back for 4 consecutive seasons for their dedication to Camp. They call it their “Kiwi” award, and celebrate with a wonderful “Kiwi Ceremony” towards the end of each summer. Several years ago, we started to recognize Dudley campers as an “1885er.” This summer, we had 27 boys first half and 39 second half, which is a true testament to what we are doing here at Camp Dudley, and to their love and commitment to CD. Congratulations boys, and thanks to Kiniya for the excellent idea!

First Session 1885er with Mike O'Leary and Sam Luke

Second Session 1885ers with Mike O'Leary and Sam Luke

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