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Getting a Taste of Something New

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I had the pleasure of joining Senior cabins Allegheny, Union and Cornell yesterday on a service trip to a local CSA Farm in Wahdams! called Juniper Hill. It is owned and run by camper #16136 Adam Hainer, who told me that he could always use an extra set of helping hands. Knowing a little bit about how hard the harvest season can be, we jumped at the opportunity to get a taste of something new.

Juniper Hill is a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) that provides 30 local families a share of 100% organic vegetables, as well as supplying local markets and restaurants. We spent two-and-a-half hours working the farm, harvesting potatoes. He had all sorts of varieties, and the boys were amazed to see where potatoes come from and how different they could look. They also were amazed at how hard we worked to get those potatoes in a crate ready for market.

This kind of service project is special because we get to help a local Dudleyite who is running his own business and serving others. It is also an opportunity for the campers to learn first hand about something that very few of them encounter at home. Like a three-day hike, being in a Saturday Night Show, or a trip to the rifle range, a visit to an organic farm to work hard and learn about something new is an amazing experience for our boys. They may find something that sparks their interest enough to really dig in someday down the line.

During our visit, Adam shared a little bit about the benefits of eating local and fresh foods. We ate sweet corn right off the stalk, and the boys were amazed at how good it was. He also said to me as we left, “I’ve never been thanked so many times by people working for me!”

Thanks, Adam.

Union, Allegheny and Cornell After the Harvest

Loading a full bin into the van

Sweet Corn, fresh from the stalk

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