Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

What a First Session!

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The weather was perfect for our last night of First Session and spirits were high as our girls gathered at Chapel for our end-of-session Awards Ceremony. Our Full Session campers and D-Heads began the evening with the candle procession, which led into Program Awards and ended with our High Five Awards.

During the ceremony we were reminded of the many wonderful messages our leaders and staff  shared with us each morning at Chapel talk and the lessons we learned during our daily life at Camp:

  • We were encouraged to not take life for granted and to be thankful for the many opportunities we are gifted.
  • We embraced the understanding that Camp is a place where we can and always will be our true selves.
  • We learned to look at things from all angles.
  • We were inspired to live life from the heart.
  • We learned that it is possible to conquer our greatest fear when being surrounded by supportive friends.
  • We were encouraged to be respectful and kind to everyone and to put The Other Fellow First.
  • We realized that there are few places on earth better than one filled with green grass, blue skies, Lake Champlain sunsets and the morning aromas of Gail’s pancakes.

We couldn’t be happier with all that we accomplished in our First Session and although our First Session girls are missed, rest assured that memories of our time at Camp are not far from mind and are you are all most definitely in our hearts.

Enjoy the school year ahead, girls, and we’ll see you on the Trail!

End of Session Awards Ceremony

The 2010 Girls of Kiniya

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